Market Research Reports

We specialise in providing independent, objective, confidential and effective research for our clients. All our researchers are highly qualified and experienced in carrying out projects involving desk research and/or direct interviewing of individuals or companies operating within specific targeted sectors.

Our approach is flexible and based on finding the most cost-effective solutions - focusing on the areas in which our clients are likely to get the best and fastest results, identifying the most profitable potential customers and even approaching prospects on a client’s behalf.

The method of research depends on a client’s individual needs but may involve telephone, postal or email surveys and desk research. It can also be conducted through focus groups or one-to-one ‘depth’ interviews either by phone or face-to-face.

Our expert consultants will use a variety of marketing tools to highlight opportunities for product development and new markets. This will provide sound basis for making well informed decisions.

Charter can help with:-

  • Discovering what your customers really want.
  • Finding prospective customers.
  • Understanding your competitors.
  • Developing the right products for your market
  • Investigating new markets for your products.

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