Zarlink Semiconductor is a Canadian-owned specialist company delivering semiconductor solutions that drive the capabilities of voice, enterprise, broadband and wireless communications. 

Based in Monmouthshire, the microelectronics division was unable to utilise the corporate sales and marketing personnel because of the specialist nature of the business, but was nonetheless required to develop additional business by its parent company. 


Charter assisted with the recruitment of an internal business development team made up of a cross section of staff whose primary roles included sales administration, planning, research and development, and shop floor personnel.  

Subsequently business development training programme was introduced incorporating one-to-one mentoring, internal and external workshops, and learning events to develop the capability of these individuals.  


This programme has been highly successful, resulting in the company winning $11m of new business. Several of the “graduates” of this internal programme have subsequently moved on to more focused sales roles which have been funded by the successes achieved.

The group is now rolling out this programme to other divisions in the UK and overseas.