Crossley and Co.


The firm is an accountancy partnership with one main office in the South East of England. It was originally part of a national chain, but some years ago the leading partners had broken away to pursue an independent strategy.

Now, they were facing the issue of recruiting new partners both for growth and succession.  They wanted to maintain the firm’s independence and ensure that any new partner recruited would quickly grow the company. There was a risk in their recruitment of appointing partners with unforseen personality issues or mismatches in expectations.


Charter’s solution was a structured human resource evaluation process.  All partners were given 360 degree appraisals with feedback, supported by tests for psychological profiles.  Potential partners from senior staff or outside recruitment were also given psychometric testing and evaluation exercises as a precursor to feedback and appraisals.

From the results of appraisals and feedback a development plan was drawn up for potential partners from within the company, and gaps identified that could be filled by external recruitment.


The company’s risk in appointing new partners at a very exposed time in its life cycle was greatly mitigated.

Senior staff were able to voice their career expectations and a development plan applied to encourage them.  New recruits to the firm underwent stringent vetting to ensure they could fit within the business and meet the aspirations of the old and new partners.

The work is helping the firm stay independent and avoid the alternative succession strategy of ‘merging’ with a larger firm.