British Energy


British Energy constantly reviews its emergency procedures and although they are unlikely to be needed, the company is always looking to revise and modernise its procedures.

The company wanted to introduce an additional emergency telephone calling system where householders and businesses could be notified simultaneously.

To put this plan in place, names and telephone numbers needed to be collected. Because of its sensitivity, this matter needed to be handled carefully. 


Charter selected and briefed a number of experienced researchers who carried out door to door research, finding out the residents contact details.

The researchers also conducted an attitude survey, designed by Charter, to gain the public's opinion on the power stations. All of this information was then collated into a workable database. 


As a direct result of Charter's work, British Energy now have a definitive list of residents in the surrounding area which can be used for the proposed rapid reach system.

Charter has since carried out similar projects at power stations in Hunterston, Torness and Hinkley in Somerset.