Age Concern Milton Keynes


Age Concern Milton Keynes runs the largest furniture reuse showroom in the Milton Keynes area.

ACMK wanted to continue to expand their operation for the benefit of the charity and people in the local area. The challenge for the team was to encourage greater numbers to the various showrooms and to achieve greater sales as a result.


Experienced Charter consultants worked with the ACMK team to firstly set up simple tracking systems for donations and purchases.

Charter then built a detailed profile of consumers and donors based on age, lifestyle and values.

This insight formed the basis of a detailed marketing campaign which targeted certain areas of Milton Keynes with the highest proportion of ideal showroom customers.


The weekend Sales Event resulted in an average of 140% increase in sales with people queuing outside the showroom on both days waiting for the doors to open - something that had never happened before.

For the longer term, ACMK now has a detailed understanding of their target audiences, where to find them and what messages are most effective in marketing to them.