Rhymney Brewery


Rhymney Brewery identified a gap in the Welsh market to supply a range of beer that would ‘tap into’ a long history of brewing in this part of South Wales.

By bringing back long forgotten names – synonymous with industry and innovation – the team felt they could build a successful brewery with quality products.

The main challenge was to increase distribution of bottled beers through major multiples. 


Drawing on experience of selling to major retailers Charter embarked on a sales campaign to secure appointments with Tesco, the Co-op, SPAR and Costcutter.

The companies were researched over the internet and initial contact was made with the appropriate buyers, in some instances they were the wine buyers and others the ‘Buy Local’ buyer.

Appointments were secured with them and a sales presentation made, in order to secure new business or extend the current listings.


The meeting with the buyer at Tesco who was responsible for their ‘buy local’ policy in Wales resulted in extending the number of stores stocking Rhymney Brewery products to 60.

Costcutter listed the products and distribution is being carried out by a third party.

The Co-op have also extended the range and number of stores selling Rhymney Brewery products across Wales.

Overall there was an increase in turnover of 65% and a profit increase of 122%.