Longdin & Browning


Longdin & Browning provide site and road survey and planning services for new construction projects. 

The company needed help and inspiration to market itself to other Major Transport Consultancies and Agencies. However its workload often rose to levels at which it could not manage further marketing. 


Charter supported them in defining their market sectors and value in terms of risk and reward. 

From this, targets were drawn up. A short survey of their customers revealed that their customer database, which notionally contained in the order of 4000 names was severely out of date so Charter made recommendations on the most efficient way to update it.

In a series of mentoring and training days Charter coached the team into planning campaigns to raise awareness of their name among international transportation consultancies and in opening up new customer contacts.

A new route to market was identified in the form of conducting CPD seminars with international consultancies, Charter supported Longdin & Browning in setting up a database, managing a communication plan then providing training in preparing and delivering the seminars.


Longdin & Browning now have relationships with all the regional offices of all the target consultancies and are receiving enquiries from significantly more than before the initiative.