Following significant investment in a building block system made from recycled wood that is proven to be easier and faster to assemble, cheaper than traditional concrete blocks, stronger in situ and environmentally far more beneficial than any competing product, Durisol faced a construction industry resistant to change in the depths of recession.

Charter was therefore commissioned to identify the key market opportunities and drivers for success, followed by the development of a marketing strategy.


Charter worked with Durisol senior management to identify a range of potential market segments within construction then assess the relative attractiveness of each market. This analysis formed the basis for strategy development and further research.

A detailed communications plan was then developed that provided Durisol with a practical tactical road map for marketing implementation.


Durisol is now implementing the plan, an important element of which is continued collaboration with the WRAP construction team and the creation of a consortium of local/regional “green” construction materials manufacturers to leverage greater political profile and influence. The business is now secured for the foreseeable future.