Vinyl Recycling


Vinyl Recycling recover recycled plastisol from a waste product of liquid plastisol and PVC.

Wishing to generate a greater income for this material they required a marketing strategy to identify new markets and revenue streams for their recycled product.


Charter were commissioned to research the market for recycled plastisol and identify new routes to market.

The research included prioritisation of end markets in line with Vinyl Recycling’s core strengths creating an opportunity to increase their current production output and provide new revenue streams


An outline marketing strategy was developed which focused on raising awareness of Vinyl Recycling’s key competencies.

A focus on strong branding and profiling of key competencies of staff members highlighted the way forward for Vinyl Recycling to establish their recycled plastisol product as a credible alternative to virgin plastisol in the UK market, thereby enabling them to drive up sales and establish a stable client base to provide a firm foundation for future growth and development.