In the Spotlight - Biotec

Key account management is so more than having a good relationship with key customers or taking them to the odd corporate hospitality event.

It's about how we develop a partnership and co-operation relationship by building a strong understanding of their business objectives and strategies to position us as a supplier of choice.

By data gathering and then using that data to make objective and considered decisions, we can manage those key customers far more effectively.

One of Charter’s long-standing clients recently needed help to further develop their key account management.

Established in 1997, Biotec has built its reputation as a temperature controlled pharmaceutical service working with clients on a global scale to develop innovative solutions to meet their clinical supplies requirements.

Key Account ManagementThe team at Biotec has grown significantly and has subsequently built strong partnerships with clients across the world. Following the growth a need for further training was identified and they called on Charter for assistance.

A bespoke training course was designed by Charter’s Bob Manuel, Head of Training, for Biotec along with the development of a basic template for key account management.

The template was implemented and piloted over a set period of time for one client and the outcome proved to be extremely positive.

It allowed the account manager to carefully highlight and manage any issues existing between Biotec and the client, identify current business opportunities and gave them a structure to develop a relationship in which future projects were discussed with Biotec in advance. The already strong relationship reached another level and discussions are taking place in respect of future work.

Following this, the executive team decided to embed the process across a selective group of clients, utilising the bespoke key account management template.

The key account management team consisted of both business development managers, the project managers who manage the day to relationship with the client and included members of the executive team

Charter helped staff to work through a structure enabling them to analyse key accounts, carry out a service gap analysis and assess potential opportunities. The information from the analysis was then used to develop an account plan to capitalise on any identified opportunities.

“The team really benefitted from Charter’s bespoke training, " says Fiona Withey, the Business Development and Project Management Director at Biotec.

"They appreciated Bob Manuel’s expertise and learned so much. We are now seeing the benefit in the form of new opportunities”.

If you would like to find out more about Key Account Management please email or call 01524 846 847